CVB are centrifugal double Casing Vertical process Pump designed and manufactured according to ISO 13709/API 610, VS6 type. The pump line is based on a modular system, thus providing maximum design and oper- a ng flexibility. This is combined with specific design features, including s ff shaft construction, a self-contained axial thrust bearing housing and pressure containing parts cer fied to various interna onal standards. CVB the pump is the choice for the most cri cal applica ons where space considera ons or marginal NPSHA values preclude the use of a horizontal mul stage pump.

It is designed for con nuous un-spared duty at a variety of high pressure services, operating at temperature extremes and handling difficult liquids.

Hydrocarbon booster and transfer, Pipeline booster, Chemical and petrochemical transfer, Con- densate, Brine, injec on, Heater drain, Crude oil loading, Conden- sate extrac on, LPG, Cryogenic service.

1) Self aligned electric motor frame; precise machining electric motor frame permit easy electric motor installa on without necessity of alignment device.

2) Reinforced pump frame to ensure rigid structural design.

3) Double coupling system. One rigid with flexible metallic membranes coupling combina on permits easly maintenance to the pump mechanical seal without electric motor and pump thrust bearing removal.

4) Discharge Head with in-line flanges in any required ra ng, incorporates all gauge, vent and drain connec ons.

5) ISO 21049/API 682 compliant Mechanical. Seal Chamber accommodates all cartridge mounted seal designs, includ- ing single and dual pressurized or unpressurized liquid; and gas designs. Engineered gas double chamber seal system available for cryogenic services.

6) Centerline Aligned and Flanged Columns ensure total indicator readings well within ISO 13709/API 610 limits.

7) Inside Drain Line permits complete draining of suc on barrel.

8) S ff Shaft Design ensures stable opera on under all service condi ons.
9) Guide Bushing and Bearing Material selected to meet fluid requirements.

10) Casing and Impeller Wear Rings with a minimum 50 Brinell hardness difference between them, prevent galling, allow economical reten on of opera ng efficiency and main- tain mechanical stability.

11) Barrel according to ASME. Double casing for installa on available on request.